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XXL Lashes Eyelash Micellar Cleanser

for cleaning the eyelid and lashes before application, suitable for eyelash extensions.

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The Cleanser's most important quality is that it has no negative effect on the bond strength of XXL Lashes adhesives.

Cleans the clients eyelid and lashes in a safe and effective way from makeup.

❤️ The micellar shampoo is one of the "softies" among the eyelash cleansing products. It cleanses the eyelashes and eyelid deep clean, but is super gentle. Nano-small particles in the shampoo make the big difference here - and enable gentle eyelash washing.

❤️ A micellar water is a watery lotion containing micelles. Micelles are nano-small surfactants, i.e. washing-active molecules that can remove grease- and water-soluble particles. They act like a magnet on dirt and make-up. This is mainly due to their structure.

❤️ That is why micellar water cleanses quickly, easily and particularly gently and effectively. It is now part of the standard equipment in the eyelash salon and bathroom cabinet for many.

❤️ Micellar water contains no alcohol, which limits the risk of skin irritation. It also maintains the skin's protective acid mantle. In addition, unlike tap water, micellar water has the advantage of not containing chlorine or lime.

❤️ The soap substances contained in micellar water are not intended to remain on the skin, but must be washed off. After shampooing, the eyelashes should therefore be rinsed with clear water.

One spray bottle contains 20 ml of cleansing fluid.


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