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100 ml Remover, chemically pure

...for residue-free removal of UV nail polishes. Here we deal with how to go about achieving this:

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Generally nail polish removers come with or without acetone. The ultra long lasting UV nail polishes such as XXL LacLine cannot however be removed with an ordinary nail polish, it needs acetone.

Remover is a chemical solvent. Nail polish removers that contain acetone however dry up the natural oil of the nails. This is at times desirable but continued use leads to chipped and dry nails. Even the skin around the nail is robbed off its natural oil. Hence please pay heed to our care instructions given below.

Read here to find out how to remove XXL LacLine:

XXL LacLine can be easily removed from the finger nails without filing by using a remover and you can paint your nails in any other colour.

Lightly file the nail polished surface.

soak ¼ of a cotton pad , or a Lacline Remover Pad with remover, place it on the nail and seal it around the nail snugly by wrapping an aluminium foil on it - let it stay for approx. 5—10 minutes.

The nail polish comes off on its own from the nail when the remover is kept on a while and can be gently pushed off using a metal cuticle pusher or a rosewood stick.

If the polish does not come off easily then keep the remover on for a few more minutes and then try again in a little while.
Tip: do not pick at the nail polish with your nails. This damages the nail surface and harms the natural nail.

Care instructions:

Hands and nails should be regularly treated with rich lotions and nail oils. Preferably products that are paraffin-free for instance olive oil.

It is advisable to massage the cuticles regularly with oil even when you have UV nail polish on your nails.
Between applications pamper your nails with an oiling regimen. This is possible for instance if you remover the nail polish in the evening and leave your nails oiled overnight and apply another nail polish afresh only on the following day.
Of course the nail surfaces have to be de-greased again with alcohol before the next application but in this way the natural nail fibres have had ample opportunity to get rejuvenated overnight.


In the first few hours after removing the nail polish the nails will feel very soft. This is absolutely normal and is owing to the keratin in the nails needing air to "harden".


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