XXL Lashes After Care Recommendations

To ensure your XXL Lashes are long lasting and stay beautiful proper care and maintenance is required.

These are the XXL Lashes recommendations:

  • Prevent your XXL Lashes from water for the first 2 hours after treatment.
  • For 24 hours after treatment prevent exposure of your XXL Lashes to steam and hot water.

    An occasional short visit to the sauna is fine, but high temperatures on a daily basis may cause earlier maintenance as the Lashes could prematurely fall off or tilt in a different direction from your natural lash.

  • Use Sealer or Long Life Coating liquid once or twice a day to seal each eyelash regularly. This will keep the adhesive flexible, prevent it from damages through water and heat and helps to extend the lifetime period of your XXL Lashes.
  • Although no Mascara is needed any more, you can use Mascara. We recommend to apply it only on the tips, not at the base of your Lashes. Application at the lash base may break the lash and/or create a clump of mascara in your lash line. Do not use waterproof mascara or mascara remover on your XXL Lashes as makeup remover will affect the bonding. Only use water based mascara and remove it only with water.
  • Use only oil-free eye make-up remover and rinse with cold water.
  • If you need to dry Lashes, use a tissue. Eyeliner is okay. Remove with oil-free eye make-up remover and a Q-tip. Enjoy the compliments you will receive from wearing your eyelashes.
  • Never perm your XXL Lashes and never use a lash curler, as it will break both: your natural Lashes and your XXL Lashes extensions.
  • Don't pull or pick at your eyelashes. This will cause you to lose them and maybe your natural lash too. Avoid rubbing and touching your eyes and Lashes, especially when removing eyeliner or drying your face.

For first-time users the Lashes' life is usually less than for experienced users. First-timers tend to rub or tug at the Lashes.

SCHEDULE A "TOUCH-UP" PROCEDURE IN 2-4 WEEKS. "Touch-ups" or "fills" are highly recommended in order to maintain a full, lush lash line. They take less time than an initial application and are at a reduced price.